Friday, February 22, 2008

La Maison


The Tattered Rose said...

OHHHHH! This is a very ingenious use of the skirt stamp (which I also own). Do you offer your paperdolls for sale anywhere? I think I used to check an etsy button that was on the side, but I notice its not there anymore. I'm too far away to attend one of your workshops, but if you ever sell any of your paperdolls I hope you will post about it here. I have been a fan for a long time. Cheers, Trish G.

Laurie said...

HI Lisa,
Wonderful new always! Glad to see you have your workshops at Norma's posted...that will be fun for you. Unfortunatley I won't be able to attend either one....arg....!!!Will be on my way to Boston on the 14th and then I am teaching at Stamping Details on the 3rd. RATS! Will have to get you back down to San Diego...Take good care...xoxo, Laurie

CreativeLiving said...

Thank you Trish.....Catherine's Stamps are very inspiring!!
I would be very happy to make you a paper doll! Email me and we can design the perfect doll for you!

Laurie I will miss you!!!

Think Good Thoughts

Gabriela said...

Hello and Happy Easter Lisa!

I really love your work, I get to see it often in Somerset publications. Congrats! You are very talented!

Warm regards,