Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Beauty


inventivesoul said...

Oh those sure do look great!
MMM.... Are the yellow ones tangy or sweet?
Lisa, come visit my blog and see my pins!
I think you might like them.

Amber Dawn

CathWren said...

They look delicious. We are having a major drout here in jawjuh so little grape tomatoes are the only things I'm growing in my summer garden.

Your little widget child looks really sweet. Thank you!

inge said...

mmmm...yummy tomatoes !

I'm growing my own three tomatoplants, but my tomatoes are not ripe yet...

Inge from Belgium

Anonymous said...

These were so sweet! We enjoyed them in salads and sauces on pasta-yum! Hope you are having a beautiful summer!!
Cheers, Lisa

PS> Amber - I did visit your blog and you are right, I love your jewels! xoxo