Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feathered Friends

I have always loved birds. They are such sweet, beautiful creatures and watching them is quite entertaining! Most of the places I have lived had bird houses, bird baths and bird feeders. In fact, they are really the most important part of your garden! Well, last year we had our yard landscaped, but the best part had still been missing. So this past weekend I took my son to Lowes to buy some bird food and a bird feeder. While we were deciding what type of food and feeder to buy we found a little booklet about birds of the West, not knowing the price we took it with us to go pay. We asked the cashier to check the price, I felt it was too expensive for a booklet, so I decided to pass on it. The cashier rang up the food, feeder and hook. It all came to around $50, I was a bit surprised, but commented "Well if that's what it takes to feed the neighborhood, it's worth it!" I paid and we left; me with the feeder and hook and my son carrying the big bag of food. I reached the car first and was loading up the new bird feeder when my son came up and gave me the little booklet! He said "Here, some guy gave me this and told me to tell my mom Happy Mother's Day." I asked him "Really?! Who was it??" He said he didn't know, just some guy. We never saw the man, even though we waited and I kept asking my son, "Is that him?" every time someone walked out of the store.
What a kind act for this man to do.
Whoever you are me and my feathered friends thank you!
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