Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Flea Market Finds

It's always fun wandering around a flea market looking for treasures and finding magic where you might not really expect to find it. Everything old is good!
I just fell in love with these tiny little doll house chairs,
so small & sweet!
Then I discovered an old paper doll collection
with so many clothes....
I could hardly believe it!
Think Good Thoughts


Dana said...

I love flea markets, and I got that fever from my parents. When I was little they found an old oil painting that they paid around 20 dollars for it. We've never been able to find the name or artist but we've seen the same painting on Gilmore Girls and Designing Women. It might be worth alot. I'm such a treasure hunter and a bargain shopper. Check out my blog at


It has some of my finds listed.

Tyn said...

little tiny chairs are killing me!!! Love those!

Jane W. said...

YUM!!! Enjoy.

CathWren said...

I'm in love with those tiny little chairs too . . . I'm thinking good thoughts. XoXoXo

pamela chiasson said...

Very fun stuff you found... well no flea markets around here but there is 8" is fresh snow on the ground :)
miss you! love pam

Colleen said...

fabulous paper dolls...lucky score!!

Laura Haviland said...

Lisa those are the loviest paper doll I think ever !!!
I love them and wow what a find...
Thanks for sharing.

patty said...

I love your flea market finds. Those chairs are so adorable. And the paper dolls with all those outfits is a real treasure.

Kim Grant said...

What great flea market finds! They are almost too precious to create with. I can't wait to see what you come up with.