Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My BiG Distraction

I could not have imagined how much love & humor
this little one would bring to my family...we are blessed!!
Adopt an animal from a shelter and you too could have all of this!!
Much Love,


julie Haymaker thompson said...

We adopted a dog form a rescue place and now I have less... The little weee monster eats everything!!!But mostly my colored pencils, he goes thorough one a day on the average. I ma glad he is as cuteas a button and has wormed his way into my heart !!

Renee Troy said...

I have 2 adoptees. Gabby loves her pom pom balls and we get such a kick seeing them weave into one another when they sleep. They are a joy and we are blessed!
I'm doing a fundraiser for A Place to Bark. I have 27 artists participating. Simple rules and due by May 10th...would you be interested in participating?
I'd love to add you to the list of wonderful artists.