Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello, it's me

Yesterday I was on my way to the ARTbar and my husband kindly informed me that I looked like Ragedy Anne! Isn't that too sweet?! I happen to love the idea, so I had him snap my picture before I ran out the door. Think Good Thoughts, Lisa


inge bekaert said...

Hello Lisa,

if you feel good in what you wear, don't change... I have a different taste in clothes that a lot of women, but if I try to dress like them, I don't feel ME...

Inge ( from Belgium)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Inge, you are so right on!!
Cheers, Lisa

Tres Belle said...

Hello Lisa,

I think that its not what you wear but who you are. As my mom use to say "Pretty Is As Pretty Does".


Anonymous said...

I like that Kris! Give your mom a big hug!! Cheers, Lisa