Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Trip BACK East

Forty years ago my father, mother and two older brothers moved to Washington,DC. And now forty years later we all had the rare opportunity to meet there and have the five of us enjoy living in the same house!!

I was sleeping in my old room with my big brothers right next door!

Even one of my best girlfriends Tobi had been back living in her mom's house with her husband Dale and her two sweet little boys, talk about going back in time!!

It was wonderful seeing my family and old friends that are still around in the neighborhood. Here's me and my sweet friend Monica.

Funny, somehow I was still that young girl Lisa, and not the Lisa I am today -Lisa Guerin.

Well, except for the day I was invited to visit The Queen's Ink in Savage Mill, Savage MD. There I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Patti Euler, designer Hope Wallace and their artist friend Claudia and they all knew me as Lisa Guerin!

We are many parts of a creative self!
Think Good Thoughts - Lisa

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Paper Relics said...

It was so nice to have meet you! I can not wait to play someday!